English - Rungus


a bamboo container
a big cicada
a chance
a clanging sound
a colourful pigeon, hill pigeon
a creature
a cut of
a deserted house or place
a drop
a greeting prosperity
a group
a handful
a handful of grip
a high-pitch tinkling sound
a house far from other house
a impostering perso
a kind of insect
a large piece
a little
a long flattened wood used in wearing cloths
a mound
a mouthfull
a part
a place for dispose
a promise without any substance
a quiet person
a salt water fish
a sapling used in traps or snare
a section
a sit-about
a small bird
a small woven basket
a support by lining
a swing
a time
a water that we put out when we cook a rice
a wise person